In CellPaulRepair we love the challenges and in the micro welding, what is it, thinking, studying and beyond is what we are passionate about, our company has extensive experience and responsiveness for the most complex cases as long as you give us time.

Why do we do it?

Behind every device there is a story and each client for us is special, we know it will not be easy to be away from your phone and the importance it has for you, imagine with it we look at the world, our friends, families, who knows how many stories are born from a cell phone, let’s say it is a great protagonist in our lives, only that it has broken down and you should take it to take care of it for you.

What do we do?

Each client for us is important, the difference in our service is that we go straight to the solution of the failures, we study each case in particular since many times they can be the same symptom, but their cause is different, the electronics is very broad in CellPaulRepair we will study your failure, we will offer options to repair and accompany the process, notifying each decision.


Essential Values

Honesty, trust, credibility and indispensable patience in this repair process, the RUSH service will generate costs and we will always put all the passion and enthusiasm to your solution.